Jinasena Centric Water Pump 1HP (CJ030S)

December 18th, 2020

රු 26,500.00

  • Model :10CJ 030S
  • Mach.No :202009
  • 7 Years Warranty
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  • Model :10CJ 030S
  • Mach.No :202009
  • Size : 1″*1″(DN25*DN25)
  • Output :60 I/min @ 24m of Tot.H
  • Tot H max :100ft (30m)
  • Suct.H max :29.5 ft (9m)

Jinasena (Pvt) Ltd -Warranty Details

The Manufacturer warrants that all materials & workmanship incorporated in the product overleaf , specified by Type & Serial Number are free from defects ,and agrees to repair or replace the product ,free of charge ,if it should develop defects ascribed to materials or workmanship ,under normal use within the period of seven (7) years from the date of purchase. Following terms & conditions will apply to all the products covered under the aforesaid warranty.

  • This warranty is provided to the original purchaser of the product and is not transferable.
  • The warranty does not cover damages resulting from causes not ascribed to materials or workmanship , such as improper or unreasonable use inconsistent with the accompanying manufacturer’s instructions, unauthorized repair or modification ,fire, floods, lightning or other natural disasters and act of God.
  • All wearable parts such as Mechanical seal, Bearings , Impeller and electrical items such as Condenser ,Overload Switch and the Motor Winding are guaranteed up to one year only. In case of break down after the period of one year, the above parts will be replaced at your cost with free labour. All other parts carry a 7 year warranty.
  • The product should always be operated within the specified voltage between 200V – 240V and any damages caused by operating above or below the specified voltage, will not be considered for repairs under this warranty.
  • This warranty does not cover any damages caused due to dry running or any other damage arising from the negligence of the original purchaser.

To acquire free repairs or replacement under this warranty,the purchaser should at his/her own expense ,deliver the product in question to the manufacturer or one of their own sales certers situated in 21 major cities (Please refer the bellow mentioned location details) along with this Warranty Card complete with all the pertinent information ,and arrangefor pick –up or return of the product after repair or replacement. Any items not collected within six (6) months of notification that the product is ready for collection shall be liable to be sold by the manufacturer to cover the costs of repair or replacement. We reserve the exclusive right to decide whether the item is to be repaired or replaced under  this warranty.

To Active this warranty detach the bottom portion of the warranty card and forward same to –Jinasena (Pvt) Limited, No.186, Elvitigala Mawatha ,Colombo  8 within 30 days of purchasing the pump.

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