Multilac Luxury Promise Exterior Emulsion

May 13th, 2020

රු 955.00රු 1,350.00

Multilac Luxury Promise Exterior Emulsion formulated specially for Exterior walls.

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Multilac Luxury Promise Exterior Emulsion formulated specially for Exterior walls.It can be applied on any type of masonry surface.It is free from algae,fungus,Cracking,peeling & Dirt.

Directions for use

Surface has to be clean and dry before application.Imperfect areas must be sealed off using cement.It is better to apply a coat of Multilac Weather Guard Flexible Elestomeric Wall Premer on newly built masonry walls.

How to apply

Apply two coats by brush or roller.Mix 4 parts of paint with 1 part of water.Recoat after 4 hours.


140-150 sq.ft.per Litre

Safety Precautions

Ensure good ventilation during application.Remove splashes from skin with soap and water.In case of contact with eye,immediately rinse off with clean water and seek medical attention.

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Blissful MLPW 12, Boat Race MLPW, Bright Yellow MLPW 04, Butter Milk MLPW 02, Cameo MLPW 07, Canyon Stone MLPW 33, Cherry Blossom MLPW 11, Cool Blue MLPW, Cream MLPW 03, Flint MLPW 37, Fresh Sawdust MLPW 06, Hawali Blue MLPW 21, Heritage Red MLPW 14, Lily White MLPW 28, Lime Green MLPW 15, Mayfair MLPW 31, Minerva Grey MLPW 22, Orange Lantern MLPW 10, Pangkor MLPW 16, Pure Gold MLPW 05, Royal Blue MLPW 20, Salmon Pink MLPW 09, Sandstone MLPW 29, September Dawn MLPW 30, Spruce MLPW 18, Sunrise MLPW 23, Tile Red MLPW 34


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